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 Mexico is on my bucket list. I want to visit this country so badly. But until I get there, my recipe of chili con carne seems a pretty accurate imaginary trip to that place.


Olive Oil Boutique recommends you a healthy and fast breakfast: tartines with black fig sauce or tartine with olive and orange paste, which can be accompanied by a whole grain bread. They are the ideal source of fiber, potassium, magnesium and protein.

 Thus, you will be more active, with a better concentration and good mood swings in the morning.

On average, the world consumes 2.25M tons of olive oil each year.

Cooked products last longer if butter is replaced with olive oil. Vitamin E and polyphenols help preserve your dishes.

On average, an olive tree lives between 300 and 600 years.

One liter of olive oil is produced by pressing 7 liters of olive oil.

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We are a group of friends, cooking usually on the weekends, as we enjoy playing in the kitchen, next to a glass of good wine or cold beer. We try simple ideas in our kitchen, usually easy-to-cook food, because we think these flavors are the best ones.

Some of the delicious ingredients we are using in our recipes can be found on our site. Also, you can find all our recipes on our 'Blogtique', the place where we’re expecting you to give us some feedback based on the recipes you’ve tried. Tell us if it was tasty, too dense or delicious.

Good luck!

Most nutritionists believe that extra virgin oil benefits from antioxidants and oleic acid (a monounsaturated fat that protects the heart) with which olive oil is endowed. Now, a new research suggests that some of the benefits associated with olive oil are due to its flavor.

The study found that extra virgin olive oil increased the feeling of satiety among consumers when compared to other oils and fats. Another stage of this research has shown that simply associating the smell of olive oil with a different food by adding an aromatic extract reduces the amount of calories people consume while improving the glycemic response.

When I asked my friend, Miruna, what food is she logging for, as she’s returning home after being a whole week away from me, her reply came instantly to me: Papoutzakiaaaa! That being said, what I’m cooking today (and what she ordered), is not exactly the Greek recipe of Papoutzakia - which has a béchamel sauce, but an adaptation. The Greek name of this dish (which we’ve found back then, in our trip in Samos), amused us so much that we decided to call this recipe like this too. Truth being told, based on the historical-culinary sayings, my recipe is closer to the Turkish version of this dish, best known as Karniyarik.